Cross-Reference by Program Function

The following lists modules by functional category, allowing you to find the tools to solve a particular problem. Where appropriate, there is a link to the full documentation for a module.

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Background Tools: programs that work with non-interactive tasks.

BASIC Tools: programs that generate BASIC source.

COBOL Tools: programs related to COBOL development.

Comparison tools: programs to compare files, libraries, or volumes.

Configuration tools: programs that list the contents of the GENEDIT files.

Conversion: programs that convert data or program source files.

Copy: file, library, or volume copy tools.

Cross-Reference: program cross-reference utilities.

DEC tools: programs to convert DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) tapes to VS format.

Demonstation programs: programs that show the features of other programs or subroutines.

Diagnostics: utilities for test and maintenance purposes.

Diskette tools: programs that copy, format, or perform other functions with diskette drives.

Disk management tools: utilities to identify file usage, manage disk space, perform data backups, or control the format of disks and diskettes.

Display utilities: programs that display files.

Documentation tools: programs for producing, maintaining, or displaying program documentation.

EZFORMAT enhancements: utilities that work with EZFORMAT files or extend its functionality.

File management utilities: programs to maintain the size, location, and internal integrity of disk files.

File Management Utilities enhancements: extensions to the Wang File Management Utilities (CONTROL, INQUIRY, DATENTRY, and REPORT).


IBM conversion utilities: programs that convert data and programs to and from IBM environments.

Instructional programs: programs that teach system functions or allow interactive use of other programs or subroutines.

Listing utilities: programs that prepare source (text) files for printing.

Logging tools: programs that provide a means of tracking usage; application logging program.

Menus: programs that are menus for other utilities.

Menu generating tools: programs that generate or manage menus from EZFORMAT files.

Miscellaneous programs

Personal management tools: programs for time management and personal use.

Print management tools: programs to manage print files.

Procedure tools: programs that generate, manage, or enhance Procedure language programs.

Program development tools: programs used for all phases of program development.

Program generators: utilites that accept specifications and create program source.

Program maintenance tools: utilities that search, modify, or help document programs for maintenance purposes.

Reorganization programs: file reorganization utilities.

RPGII tools: utilities for development or maintenance of RPGII programs.

Scratch utilities: programs that scratch data in files, libraries, or volumes.

Screen tools: utilities for designing, programming, or maintaining screen displays in programs.

Search tools: utilities that search disk files for specified text items.

Security tools: programs to maintain the USERLIST file or enhance system security.

Subroutines: programs that must be run from other programs.

System management tools: programs to aid in managing the configuration, use, and integrity of a system.

Tape utilities: programs that use tape input or output or allow management of tape volumes.

Word Processing tools: programs that manage or enhance Word Processing (VS/IIS).

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