Documentation for Selected Utilities

The following lists and briefly describes the 96 modules covered in depth in this publication. Use this index to jump directly to the documentation for a specific utility.

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ALFANMBR: Translates numbers to words

ALLOCWP: Allocates space for a new document

ARCHIVE: Archives Word Processing documents

ALFANMBR: Translates numbers to words

ALLOCWP: Allocates space for a new document

ARCHIVE: Archives Word Processing documents

BULABELS: Verifies tape labels

CALENDAR: Personal appointment calendar

CHECKSAP: Finds programs with special access privileges

CHKBLKS: Checks files for blocks used

COBGEN: Generates COBOL programs

COMBINE: Combines files

COMPANY: Compares any two files

COMPAREF: Compares files on-line

COMPHEX: Compares files by hex value

COMPILE: Compiles libraries of source code

COMPRLIB: Compares the contents of two libraries

CONVERTC: Searches and modifies source code

COPYMANY: Selects and copies multiple files

COPYTHEM: "Wild-card" copy utility

CPY2DSKT: Copies selected files to diskette

CREATE: Makes new files

DBUGHOOK: COBOL performance analysis tool

DIFF: Lists differences in source files

DISKMAP: Maps disk file locations

DISKUSE: Disk usage summary

DISPMANY: Displays multiple files

DISPRINT: Displays, queues, and converts print files

ERASE: Erases tapes

EZFORMC: Generates COBOL screen read/write statements

EZGETPRM: Generates BASIC or COBOL code for GETPARMs

EZPATCH: Patches disk files

EZPRINT: Generates print file layouts

FILEDISP: Searches for file, library, or volume names

FILEINFO: Extracts file parameter data

FILEPARM: Displays file parameters

FILEREAD: Verifies disk files

FINDTEXT: Searches for text in any file

FINDVOL: Checks for a file's existence

FVN: Changes volume names

GENCTL: Generates CONTROL files from COBOL source

GETNAME: Mounts disks with duplicate names

GETVOLS: Extracts current volume names

LIBRXREF: COBOL data name cross-reference

LIBSIZE: Sums disk usage of files in a library

LIST: Shows parameters for all files in a library

LIST80: Lists source files

LISTCLIB: Lists COBOL COPY and CALL statements

LISTDOCS: Lists document summary data

LISTLABL: Shows technical data on a file

LOGPROC: Generates logon procedures

MACROUSE: Lists macros and CALLs in source programs

MAIL: Inter-user message system

MEMBPRNT: Lists source files

MENUGEN: Generates COBOL menu programs

MOUNT: Mounts or dismounts disks or tapes

NEWPASS: Password change utility

PARANOIA: Verifies file copies

PASSWORD: Password change utility

PASSWRD2: Password change utility

PHONETIC: Translates names to sounds

PRINTEST: Printer test program

PRINTIBM: Converts IBM print files to VS

PRINTVS: Converts VS print files to IBM

PRNTCTL: Lists CONTROL files parameters

PRNTLIBE: Lists source files

PRNTRDF: Lists REPORT file parameters

PROCFORM: Generates Procedure files

PROCGEN: Generates Procedure files

PRT2SAVE: Converts screen dumps to EZFORMAT files

RPTFORM: Lists REPORT file parameters

RPTGEN: Converts REPORT files to COBOL

SCANOBJ: Scans object files

SCANSRC: Scans source files

SCRATCH: Deletes files or libraries

SCRNS2WP: Converts screen dumps to WP documents

SELCOPY: Selects files and copies them

SELECTER: Generic screen selection program

SELPRINT: Print management utility

SETWP: Sets workstation WP defaults

SHOWSCRN: EZFORMAT file management tool

SMF: Logs program statistics

SORTFILE: Reports file usage by ID

SQREPORT: Controls the REPORT utility

SUPCOPY: Selective copy utility

SUPRLINK: Links all object files in a library

SYMDISP: Displays symbolic section in object files

SYMPATCH: Edits symbolic section in object files

SYSCODE: Maintains program version data

TAPEDUMP: Dumps the contents of tapes to a report

TEXTPRT: Lists source files

UPLOW: Converts names to upper and lower case

VOLFRAG: Shows disk fragmentation

VOLPRINT: Lists file parameters

VTOCTEST: Lists files larger than a given size

WPDISP: Displays Word Processing files

WPLIST: Manages WP libraries

WPSREORG: Reorganizes WP documents in background

XFERMANY: Transfers multiple files via WSN

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