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Search Tools Revisited: Want more power and flexibility? Look to UNIX
Access to Wang, February 1993
Using Wang's FINDTEXT and CONVERTC and the Unix awk and sed utilities

A Glimpse into the UNIX Universe
Access to Wang, July 1993
A general description of Unix, comparing it to the Wang VS

Making the Move to UNIX: Look before you leap
Access to Wang, August 1993
General discussion of issues when migrating to Unix

System Administration: Unix system administration explained
Access to Wang, August 1993
Unix system administration tasks and issues

Behind the GUI: Exploring UNIX
Access to Wang, September 1993
First steps in exploring Unix

The Unix File System: Navigating the hierarchical directory structure
Access to Wang, October 1993
Beginning use of the Unix file system, including descriptions of its directory structure

Unix System Administration: Assigning access rights
Access to Wang, November 1993
Basic Unix security and user setup

Unix Terminal Setup and Administration: Surviving configuration tasks
Access to Wang, December 1993
Unix system hardware setup

VS Functionality in Unix: Imitated, never duplicated
Access to Wang, January 1994
Comparison of common operations using the Wang VS and Unix systems

Unix Background Control: Using the shell job control commands
Access to Wang, February 1994
Unix commands for putting jobs into background

Unix Automation Tools: More on cron
Access to Wang, March 1994
More on the cron tool for background scheduling

Living Without the CREATE Utility: Making do in Unix
Access to Wang, April 1994
Finding Unix tools to replace the functionality of CREATE

The Shell Game: Unix shell script languages for the procedure programmer
Access to Wang, September 1994
Comparison of Unix shell script languages with Wang Procedure

E-mail Made Easy: Unix automates mail delivery
Access to Wang, October 1994
Using Unix mail to deliver messages, reports, and other information

The Unix Solution: Fast, cheap and versatile
Access to Wang, November 1994
General description of Unix from the perspective of a Wang user

vi Basics: The editor everyone loves to hate
Access to Wang, January 1995
Basics of the vi editor, common to all Unix systems

Network Administration Got You Scared?: Here's what you need to know
Access to Wang, January 1995
Basic discussion of network setup and administration

Glossary of Network Terms
Access to Wang, January 1995
Terms used in networking

Revision Control: Source code tracking in the Unix environment
Access to Wang, May 1995
Unix revision control systems, including RCS and SCCS; comparison to Wang tools

SMB Networks: The key to Unix integration
Access to Wang, June 1995
Using SMB-compliant servers and clients for easy Unix/PC integration

PC/Unix Connectivity Through Simple File Transfer
Access to Wang, June 1996
Types of simple file transfer between unlike systems

Unix Integration: Connecting Wang VS and Unix systems
Access to Wang, June 1998
Connecting VS and Unix systems using common asynchronous workstations or LAN-based gateway products

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