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Architecture 101: What do users want for text processing?
Access to Wang, October 1988
Discussion of text processing models, including Wang WP and LAN approaches

Power and People: The environmental impact of computer operations - Part II
Access to Wang, May 1991
Suggestions for reducing the environmental impact of computer operations (part 2 of 2)

Integration: Adapting existing technologies to new standards
Access to Wang, March 1992
Options for integrating Wang VS systems in a heterogeneous environment

Carrying COBOL Applications Into the Next Generation
Access to Wang, May 1994
COBOL's current use and future in other environments

Choosing a target environment
Access to Wang, May 1994
Review of platforms and products for COBOL development

Three COBOL Products
Access to Wang, May 1994
Description of three COBOL development systems

Looking for Help in All the Right Places: Online services fill vacuum left by user groups' demise
Access to Wang, December 1994
Discussion of the demise of user groups and likely on-line replacements for them

Hypertext Links: Document access without paper
Access to Wang, June 1995
Description of hypertext systems, including Wang INFO, Microsoft help files, and HTML

Following Technology Trends: What will the future bring?
Access to Wang, July 1995
Predictions for Information Systems industry trends

Avoiding Obsolescence: How to stay on top of the new wave of technology
Access to Wang, March 1996
Discussion of new systems skills and likely employment trends

Staying Employed in the New Information Order
Access to Wang, March 1996
Strategies to keep employed as new systems take hold

The Changed Decision Model for Enterprise Technology
Access to Wang, March 1996
New decision models used by IT and business management to evaluate options

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