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The RUNRPT Procedure: REPORT utility heading control
Access 86, September 1986
Uses Procedure to control the REPORT utility

Menu Generating Utilities: Menu management options
Access 87, October 1987
Tools that generate menu programs

VS Search Utilities: Assessing four public domain USERAIDS
Access 87, November 1987
Publicly-available text search tools for the Wang VS

The Cheap Detective: GUMSHOE tracks down SUBMIT and background processing
Access to Wang, March 1989
Description of GUMSHOE, a text search tool that uses background processing

VS transfers to PC spreadsheets
Access to Wang, May 1989
Transferring VS data to spreadsheets to solve some reporting needs

Word Work: Text tools to manage manuscript preparation
Access to Wang, July 1989
VS tools that can be used to search, catalog, or compare versions of documents

Brain Savers: Strategies to make your VS work harder than you do
Access to Wang, November 1989
Methods of reducing or eliminating drudgery in VS system use

It's Showtime: Creating effective system presentations
Access to Wang, December 1989
Using screen dumps and the SHOWSCRN utility to present system images

In CONTROL: The updated CONTROL File Management Utility gets increased and effective functionality
Access to Wang, January 1990
New features of CONTROL explained and demonstrated

This Year's Model: Improved features add more usability for DATENTRY
Access to Wang, February 1990
New features of DATENTRY explained and demonstrated

The Steamroller Effect: Flatten files with CONDENSE
Access to Wang, December 1990
Using the CONDENSE utility to combine file information for REPORT or INQUIRY

Getting the Message: The USERAID MAIL, and a SECURDB update for OS 7.20 or higher
Access to Wang, March 1991
Discussion of MAIL, a free electronic mail tool, and updates to the SECUREDB tool

Aiding the Cause: The updated USERAIDS are tools that may benefit your shop
Access to Wang, April 1991
Review of the USSWU VSAIDS package

Shrink to Fit: Easing troublesome data communications
Access to Wang, July 1991
Methods of transferring data and some compression tools available

The Perfect Manager: Tools to help manage print files
Access to Wang, August 1991
Comparison of print file management tools

Not Just For Accountants Anymore: Taking a second look at DP uses for spreadsheets
Access to Wang, January 1992
Using spreadsheets for file design, data conversion, and project management

Rediscovering CONVERTC: Practical uses for a little-known tool
Access to Wang, April 1992
Advanced search uses for CONVERTC

Search Tools Revisited: Want more power and flexibility? Look to UNIX
Access to Wang, February 1993
Using Wang's FINDTEXT and CONVERTC and the Unix awk and sed utilities

Winloc 3.1: Turn your PC into an MS-Windows workstation for the VS
Access to Wang, April 1993
Review of a new version of WINLOC, a Windows-based Wang terminal emulator

Glossary Language: With this tool, even non-technical users can improve and customize applications
Access to Wang, May 1993
Beginning use of Multistation glossaries to automate keystrokes

Cross-Platform File Archiving: Combine, compress, retrieve and store files with common utilities
Access to Wang, June 1994
Description of Unix and MS-DOS compression tools, including ZIP/UNZIP and Lha

Archiving Tools Continued: Putting some ZIP in your system
Access to Wang, July 1994
Using ZIP on Unix systems

Less and WINLOC: Utilities to make life easier for users
Access to Wang, February 1995
The less tool (an alternative to more) and customized menus for WINLOC

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