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Making Contact: Converting documents for data exchange
Access to Wang, May 1988
Methods of converting Wang WP documents

Exchanging VS data files with IBM systems via tape
Access to Wang, November 1988
Using tape to move VS data to IBM systems

Doing a Rube Goldberg: A low-tech approach to PC/VS text integration
Access to Wang, February 1989
Description of a low-tech method of integrating PC and Wang WP documents

Understanding Data Exchange Formats: How to keep your information from getting lost in translation
Access to Wang, March 1993
Discussion of common data exchange formats and their use

A Glimpse into the UNIX Universe
Access to Wang, July 1993
A general description of Unix, comparing it to the Wang VS

Making the Move to UNIX: Look before you leap
Access to Wang, August 1993
General discussion of issues when migrating to Unix

VS Functionality in Unix: Imitated, never duplicated
Access to Wang, January 1994
Comparison of common operations using the Wang VS and Unix systems

Living Without the CREATE Utility: Making do in Unix
Access to Wang, April 1994
Finding Unix tools to replace the functionality of CREATE

The Unix Solution: Fast, cheap and versatile
Access to Wang, November 1994
General description of Unix from the perspective of a Wang user

SMB Networks: The key to Unix integration
Access to Wang, June 1995
Using SMB-compliant servers and clients for easy Unix/PC integration

Converting COBOL Source Code: VS utilities provide conversion tools
Access to Wang, August 1995
VS tools that can be used to convert COBOL code to other environments

Moving from Wang WP to PC Word Processing
Access to Wang, December 1995
Comparisons of Wang WP and PC word processing systems for those planning to migrate

Forced Conversion: Converting PC word processing to other formats
Access to Wang, January 1996
Saving PC documents in special formats for conversion

New Dog, Old Tricks: Merging documents using PC word processing products
Access to Wang, February 1996
Comparison of document merges using Wang WP and PC word processing products

PC/Unix Connectivity Through Simple File Transfer
Access to Wang, June 1996
Types of simple file transfer between unlike systems

It's All in the Code: Comparing the VS with other development environments
Access to Wang, November 1997
Comparing the development environments of the Wang VS and new technologies

Unix Integration: Connecting Wang VS and Unix systems
Access to Wang, June 1998
Connecting VS and Unix systems using common asynchronous workstations or LAN-based gateway products

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