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The SCRN2WP utility: Create a WP document from a screen dump
Access 86, May 1986
Describes how to use Wang Procedure language to create a WP document from a screen dump

Procedure Style and Standards: A procedure writer's toolkit and how to influence style via the Editor
Access 86, June 1986
Suggestions on style and usage for Wang Procedure files

The MOVEIT Procedure: MOVE files, don't COPY them!
Access 86, August 1986
Shows how a Procedure could be used to move a file

The NEWMENU Procedure: Making a procedure menu
Access 86, October 1986
An approach to menus using Procedure

Procedure 3.00.10: Unlocking its secrets
Access 86, November 1986
New features of Procedure

The WORKBNCH Procedure: An illustration of the FIND subroutine
Access 86, December 1986
A tool that extracts files by name and presents a list with several actions

The TRACER Procedure: Seeing how they run
Access 87, January 1987
Using the TRACE facility in Procedure

The $VERIFY Procedure: Using subprocedures
Access 87, February 1987
Using subprocedures

Using Procedure Generators: INQUIRY, PROCGEN and PROCFORM
Access 87, March 1987
Programs that general Procedures

Procedures from Boilerplate: Plus the External Copy function within the Wang Editor
Access 87, April 1987
Creating Procedure source from stored examples

The Procedure Police: A quick, standard method for updating and documenting procedure code
Access to Wang, August 1992
A method for producing easy documentation for Procedure files

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