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Listed below are all of my columns for Access To Wang in the order of their appearance in the magazine. Besides regular columns, there are also special reports, sidebars, and features.

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1 May 1986
Access 86

The SCRN2WP utility: Create a WP document from a screen dump
Describes how to use Wang Procedure language to create a WP document from a screen dump

2 June 1986
Access 86

Procedure Style and Standards: A procedure writer's toolkit and how to influence style via the Editor
Suggestions on style and usage for Wang Procedure files

3 July 1986
Access 86

The ACCESSCK Procedure: User security profile
A Procedure the shows the user their security access profile

4 August 1986
Access 86

The MOVEIT Procedure: MOVE files, don't COPY them!
Shows how a Procedure could be used to move a file

5 September 1986
Access 86

The RUNRPT Procedure: REPORT utility heading control
Uses Procedure to control the REPORT utility

6 October 1986
Access 86

The NEWMENU Procedure: Making a procedure menu
An approach to menus using Procedure

7 November 1986
Access 86

Procedure 3.00.10: Unlocking its secrets
New features of Procedure

8 December 1986
Access 86

The WORKBNCH Procedure: An illustration of the FIND subroutine
A tool that extracts files by name and presents a list with several actions

9 January 1987
Access 87

The TRACER Procedure: Seeing how they run
Using the TRACE facility in Procedure

10 February 1987
Access 87

The $VERIFY Procedure: Using subprocedures
Using subprocedures

11 March 1987
Access 87

Using Procedure Generators: INQUIRY, PROCGEN and PROCFORM
Programs that general Procedures

12 April 1987
Access 87

Procedures from Boilerplate: Plus the External Copy function within the Wang Editor
Creating Procedure source from stored examples

13 May 1987
Access 87

A User Management System: Using logon procedures to set usage constants
A generic user default system using GLOBAL variables

14 June 1987
Access 87

The MWSEDIT Procedure: Controlling workstation personalities
Edits specific elements in user Multistation workstation personalities

15 July 1987
Access 87

The FILEDATA Procedure: Gathering file usage data
Extract information on system file usage

16 August 1987
Access 87

The TRANSPRT Procedure: Queuing print files to remote systems
A Procedure that transfers print files between VS systems (part 1 of 2)

17 September 1987
Access 87

The TRANSPRT Procedure, Part II: Creating print file headers
A Procedure that transfers print files between VS systems (part 2 of 2)

18 October 1987
Access 87

Menu Generating Utilities: Menu management options
Tools that generate menu programs

19 November 1987
Access 87

VS Search Utilities: Assessing four public domain USERAIDS
Publicly-available text search tools for the Wang VS

20 December 1987
Access 87

On The Drawing Board: VS site planning considerations
Site planning considerations

21 January 1988
Access 88

VS Peripheral Connections: Getting to there from here
Types of workstation connections

22 February 1988
Access 88

Asynchronous Devices on the VS: Get in sync with async options
Connecting asynchronous workstations to Wang systems

23 March 1988
Access 88

Tying Workstations to Tasks: Put power and productivity in the user's hands
Choosing the right workstation for the task

24 April 1988
Access 88

Controlling File Access: OPENing up your files with SPECIAL INPUT
Using SPECIAL INPUT to speed file access

25 May 1988
Access to Wang

Making Contact: Converting documents for data exchange
Methods of converting Wang WP documents

26 June 1988
Access to Wang

Better Houskeeping: A two-part series on system management
General rules for VS system administration

27 July 1988
Access to Wang

Order to the System: Utilities that enhance system management
Tools for system administration

28 August 1988
Access to Wang

The Shadow Knows: A beginner's guide to background processing
First steps in developing programs for non-interactive (background) use

29 September 1988
Access to Wang

Task Management: More on background processing
More on non-interactive (background ) processing

30 October 1988
Access to Wang

Architecture 101: What do users want for text processing?
Discussion of text processing models, including Wang WP and LAN approaches

31 November 1988
Access to Wang

Exchanging VS data files with IBM systems via tape
Using tape to move VS data to IBM systems

32 November 1988
Access to Wang

Review: Wang COBOL-85
Review of Wang's COBOL-85 product

33 December 1988
Access to Wang

Robot Operators: Keystroke automation with Multi-Station
Using Multistation glossaries to automate nightly operations tasks

34 January 1989
Access to Wang

Time-Release Operations: More on using Glossary for keystroke automation
More on using Multistation glossaries to automate operations tasks

35 February 1989
Access to Wang

Doing a Rube Goldberg: A low-tech approach to PC/VS text integration
Description of a low-tech method of integrating PC and Wang WP documents

36 March 1989
Access to Wang

The Cheap Detective: GUMSHOE tracks down SUBMIT and background processing
Description of GUMSHOE, a text search tool that uses background processing

37 April 1989
Access to Wang

Power Off!: When the lights go out, don't be in the dark
Preparing for power outages and steps to recover after one

38 May 1989
Access to Wang

VS transfers to PC spreadsheets
Transferring VS data to spreadsheets to solve some reporting needs

39 June 1989
Access to Wang

Time Trials: Determining workstation response time and more on Lotus date formats
A procedure for determining approximate workstation response time without expensive utility software

40 July 1989
Access to Wang

Word Work: Text tools to manage manuscript preparation
VS tools that can be used to search, catalog, or compare versions of documents

41 August 1989
Access to Wang

Inner Workings: Part I: Advanced VS file investigation
Discovering secrets of Wang VS internals; part 1 of 2

42 September 1989
Access to Wang

Name, Rank & Serial Number: Part II: Advanced VS file investigation
Discovering secrets of Wang VS internals; part 2 of 2

43 October 1989
Access to Wang

To Any Length: Variable-length data records: a COBOL example
Using variable-length records in COBOL programs

44 November 1989
Access to Wang

Brain Savers: Strategies to make your VS work harder than you do
Methods of reducing or eliminating drudgery in VS system use

45 December 1989
Access to Wang

It's Showtime: Creating effective system presentations
Using screen dumps and the SHOWSCRN utility to present system images

46 January 1990
Access to Wang

In CONTROL: The updated CONTROL File Management Utility gets increased and effective functionality
New features of CONTROL explained and demonstrated

47 February 1990
Access to Wang

This Year's Model: Improved features add more usability for DATENTRY
New features of DATENTRY explained and demonstrated

48 March 1990
Access to Wang

Memories: Remembering how to write programs that create procedures has its benefits
Creating programs that write Procedure files

49 April 1990
Access to Wang

Spellbound: Mastering printer control codes - first of a two-part series
Embedding printer control characters in Wang print files (part 1 of 2)

50 May 1990
Access to Wang

Printed Matter: Practical applications of printer control codes - second of a two-part series
Embedding printer control characters in Wang print files (part 2 of 2)

51 June 1990
Access to Wang

Routine Procedure: Exploring Wang subroutines with Procedure
Using Procedures to test and display the results of the Wang VSSUBS library

52 July 1990
Access to Wang

Here's the Needle!: Finding files fast with BACKDATA
Creating a backup file log system using BACKUP's print files as data

53 August 1990
Access to Wang

Safety First!: Develop a backup strategy for your system
Creating a backup strategy for your system

54 September 1990
Access to Wang

Blueprints: Application design for asynchronous workstations
Designing applications to work well with asynchronous workstations (part 1 of 2)

55 October 1990
Access to Wang

Design School: Application design for asynchronous workstations - Part II
Designing applications to work well with asynchronous workstations (part 2 of 2)

56 November 1990
Access to Wang

Safe and Secure: Tighten up VS system security with this tip
Enhancements to reporting information within the SECURITY file

57 December 1990
Access to Wang

The Steamroller Effect: Flatten files with CONDENSE
Using the CONDENSE utility to combine file information for REPORT or INQUIRY

58 January 1991
Access to Wang

File Experiments: Existing disk management software doesn't fulfill simple needs
Review of disk management tools and their limitations

59 February 1991
Access to Wang

Cleaning House: Clean-up utilities for the VS
Review of utilities that could be combined for disk management

60 March 1991
Access to Wang

Getting the Message: The USERAID MAIL, and a SECURDB update for OS 7.20 or higher
Discussion of MAIL, a free electronic mail tool, and updates to the SECUREDB tool

61 April 1991
Access to Wang

The Green Machine: The environmental impact of computer operations
Suggestions for reducing the environmental impact of computer operations (part 1 of 2)

62 April 1991
Access to Wang

Aiding the Cause: The updated USERAIDS are tools that may benefit your shop
Review of the USSWU VSAIDS package

63 May 1991
Access to Wang

Power and People: The environmental impact of computer operations - Part II
Suggestions for reducing the environmental impact of computer operations (part 2 of 2)

64 June 1991
Access to Wang

Easy Routines: Options for linking subroutines
Options for linking subroutines

65 July 1991
Access to Wang

Shrink to Fit: Easing troublesome data communications
Methods of transferring data and some compression tools available

66 August 1991
Access to Wang

The Perfect Manager: Tools to help manage print files
Comparison of print file management tools

67 September 1991
Access to Wang

No More Tears: A painless approach to GETPARM and PUTPARM programming
Creating GETPARM and PUTPARM requests in programs easily

68 November 1991
Access to Wang

A Classic Tool: From humble USERAID beginnings, EZFORMAT approaches cult status
Review of the features of EZFORMAT

69 December 1991
Access to Wang

Trading Info: Successful VS/PC exchanges require knowing your files inside and out
Understanding the internal structure of files when exchanging data with dissimilar systems

70 January 1992
Access to Wang

Not Just For Accountants Anymore: Taking a second look at DP uses for spreadsheets
Using spreadsheets for file design, data conversion, and project management

71 February 1992
Access to Wang

Updating the Security Database: Changes to the SECURITY utility may require a few modifications
Updating information on the SECUREDB tool to enhance security information

72 March 1992
Access to Wang

Integration: Adapting existing technologies to new standards
Options for integrating Wang VS systems in a heterogeneous environment

73 April 1992
Access to Wang

Rediscovering CONVERTC: Practical uses for a little-known tool
Advanced search uses for CONVERTC

74 June 1992
Access to Wang

Limited Access: Restricting user access through the application
Assigning access rights to programs, not users

75 July 1992
Access to Wang

Change Control: Effectively managing the development process
Discussion of source file change control and application to the VS editor

76 August 1992
Access to Wang

The Procedure Police: A quick, standard method for updating and documenting procedure code
A method for producing easy documentation for Procedure files

77 September 1992
Access to Wang

Shifting the Burden: Downloading VS files to PCs lets users run their own reports
Using COBOL programs to create tab-delimited text files for import into PC applications

78 October 1992
Access to Wang

Robot Administrator: How to automate routine administrative chores
Steps to convert programs to be eligible for automation

79 November 1992
Access to Wang

Simulating paths on the VS: An alternative to putting common programs in the system library
A simulation of MS-DOS and Unix paths, allowing search of several libraries for programs

80 December 1992
Access to Wang

Global Variables: Let your applications share information
Using GLOBAL variables to pass information between programs

81 January 1993
Access to Wang

Out of Sight!: Putting your programs in deep background
Creating a Procedure to submit programs to background

82 February 1993
Access to Wang

Search Tools Revisited: Want more power and flexibility? Look to UNIX
Using Wang's FINDTEXT and CONVERTC and the Unix awk and sed utilities

83 March 1993
Access to Wang

Understanding Data Exchange Formats: How to keep your information from getting lost in translation
Discussion of common data exchange formats and their use

84 April 1993
Access to Wang

Winloc 3.1: Turn your PC into an MS-Windows workstation for the VS
Review of a new version of WINLOC, a Windows-based Wang terminal emulator

85 May 1993
Access to Wang

Glossary Language: With this tool, even non-technical users can improve and customize applications
Beginning use of Multistation glossaries to automate keystrokes

86 June 1993
Access to Wang

Introducing the Wang Symbolic Debugger
Techniques and personalization of the Wang debugger (part 1 of 2)

87 July 1993
Access to Wang

The Wang Symbolic Debugger: Part Two of a series
Techniques and personalization of the Wang debugger (part 2 of 2)

88 July 1993
Access to Wang

A Glimpse into the UNIX Universe
A general description of Unix, comparing it to the Wang VS

89 August 1993
Access to Wang

Making the Move to UNIX: Look before you leap
General discussion of issues when migrating to Unix

90 August 1993
Access to Wang

System Administration: Unix system administration explained
Unix system administration tasks and issues

91 September 1993
Access to Wang

Behind the GUI: Exploring UNIX
First steps in exploring Unix

92 October 1993
Access to Wang

The Unix File System: Navigating the hierarchical directory structure
Beginning use of the Unix file system, including descriptions of its directory structure

93 November 1993
Access to Wang

Unix System Administration: Assigning access rights
Basic Unix security and user setup

94 December 1993
Access to Wang

Unix Terminal Setup and Administration: Surviving configuration tasks
Unix system hardware setup

95 January 1994
Access to Wang

VS Functionality in Unix: Imitated, never duplicated
Comparison of common operations using the Wang VS and Unix systems

96 February 1994
Access to Wang

Unix Background Control: Using the shell job control commands
Unix commands for putting jobs into background

97 March 1994
Access to Wang

Unix Automation Tools: More on cron
More on the cron tool for background scheduling

98 April 1994
Access to Wang

Living Without the CREATE Utility: Making do in Unix
Finding Unix tools to replace the functionality of CREATE

99 May 1994
Access to Wang

Carrying COBOL Applications Into the Next Generation
COBOL's current use and future in other environments

100 May 1994
Access to Wang

New features in COBOL 85
Changes to COBOL syntax under the '85 specification

101 May 1994
Access to Wang

Choosing a target environment
Review of platforms and products for COBOL development

102 May 1994
Access to Wang

Three COBOL Products
Description of three COBOL development systems

103 June 1994
Access to Wang

Cross-Platform File Archiving: Combine, compress, retrieve and store files with common utilities
Description of Unix and MS-DOS compression tools, including ZIP/UNZIP and Lha

104 July 1994
Access to Wang

Archiving Tools Continued: Putting some ZIP in your system
Using ZIP on Unix systems

105 September 1994
Access to Wang

The Shell Game: Unix shell script languages for the procedure programmer
Comparison of Unix shell script languages with Wang Procedure

106 October 1994
Access to Wang

E-mail Made Easy: Unix automates mail delivery
Using Unix mail to deliver messages, reports, and other information

107 November 1994
Access to Wang

The Unix Solution: Fast, cheap and versatile
General description of Unix from the perspective of a Wang user

108 December 1994
Access to Wang

Looking for Help in All the Right Places: Online services fill vacuum left by user groups' demise
Discussion of the demise of user groups and likely on-line replacements for them

109 January 1995
Access to Wang

vi Basics: The editor everyone loves to hate
Basics of the vi editor, common to all Unix systems

110 January 1995
Access to Wang

Network Administration Got You Scared?: Here's what you need to know
Basic discussion of network setup and administration

111 January 1995
Access to Wang

Glossary of Network Terms
Terms used in networking

112 February 1995
Access to Wang

Less and WINLOC: Utilities to make life easier for users
The less tool (an alternative to more) and customized menus for WINLOC

113 April 1995
Access to Wang

Source Code Tracking on the VS: File comparison and installation
Using the Wang COMPARE utility (the SRCDIFF option) to sift out changes to source files

114 May 1995
Access to Wang

Revision Control: Source code tracking in the Unix environment
Unix revision control systems, including RCS and SCCS; comparison to Wang tools

115 June 1995
Access to Wang

Hypertext Links: Document access without paper
Description of hypertext systems, including Wang INFO, Microsoft help files, and HTML

116 June 1995
Access to Wang

SMB Networks: The key to Unix integration
Using SMB-compliant servers and clients for easy Unix/PC integration

117 July 1995
Access to Wang

Following Technology Trends: What will the future bring?
Predictions for Information Systems industry trends

118 August 1995
Access to Wang

Converting COBOL Source Code: VS utilities provide conversion tools
VS tools that can be used to convert COBOL code to other environments

119 September 1995
Access to Wang

Dialing In: Remote terminal access to the VS
Models of remote access to VS systems, including asynchronous workstations and remote network access

120 October 1995
Access to Wang

Telecommuting for the VS: Remote network connections using SLIP
A prototype of network-based access to VS and other systems using SLIP

121 November 1995
Access to Wang

Setting Up a Remote Terminal: A step-by-step tutorial
Step-by-step instructions for setting up Wang asynchronous workstations

122 December 1995
Access to Wang

Moving from Wang WP to PC Word Processing
Comparisons of Wang WP and PC word processing systems for those planning to migrate

123 January 1996
Access to Wang

Forced Conversion: Converting PC word processing to other formats
Saving PC documents in special formats for conversion

124 February 1996
Access to Wang

New Dog, Old Tricks: Merging documents using PC word processing products
Comparison of document merges using Wang WP and PC word processing products

125 March 1996
Access to Wang

Avoiding Obsolescence: How to stay on top of the new wave of technology
Discussion of new systems skills and likely employment trends

126 March 1996
Access to Wang

Staying Employed in the New Information Order
Strategies to keep employed as new systems take hold

127 March 1996
Access to Wang

The Changed Decision Model for Enterprise Technology
New decision models used by IT and business management to evaluate options

128 June 1996
Access to Wang

PC/Unix Connectivity Through Simple File Transfer
Types of simple file transfer between unlike systems

129 August 1996
Access to Wang

Getting Everyone Together: Applying Internet technology for an organization's internal information needs
Uses of Internet tools for workgroup communication within the organization

130 October 1996
Access to Wang

Cyber Pubs: Publishing for internal information needs using Web technology
Using Web technology for internal informational needs

131 February 1997
Access to Wang

Tricky Business: Converting legacy documents to the Web
Converting existing documents to HTML for distribution within the organization

132 April 1997
Access to Wang

The Ins and Outs of the World Wide Web: Building Web-based data entry applications
Techniques and issues of Web-based data entry applications

133 November 1997
Access to Wang

It's All in the Code: Comparing the VS with other development environments
Comparing the development environments of the Wang VS and new technologies

134 January 1998
Access to Wang

The VS Developer's Guide to Script Languages: Part 1: Introduction to script languages
Introducing script languages and their application (part 1 of 6)

135 February 1998
Access to Wang

Using Script Languages: Part 2: VBScript
Script language series: VBScript (part 2 of 6)

136 March 1998
Access to Wang

Using Script Languages: Part 3: JavaScript
Script language series: JavaScript (part 3 of 6)

137 April 1998
Access to Wang

Using Script Languages: Part 4 (Perl, Part 1)
Script language series: Perl, part 1 (part 4 of 6)

138 May 1998
Access to Wang

Using Script Languages: Part 5 (Perl, Part 2)
Script language series: Perl, part 2 (part 5 of 6)

139 June 1998
Access to Wang

Using Script Languages: Part 6: Java
Script language series: Java (part 6 of 6)

140 June 1998
Access to Wang

Unix Integration: Connecting Wang VS and Unix systems
Connecting VS and Unix systems using common asynchronous workstations or LAN-based gateway products

141 July 1998
Access to Wang

Script Languages and Getting Online: Concluding the scripting series and information on getting onto the Internet
Concluding remarks on script languages; steps for getting on the Internet (part 1 of 2)

142 August 1998
Access to Wang

More About Getting Online
More on getting on the Internet (part 2 of 2)

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